Update from Steve – Thank You!

I would like to express my appreciation for each of you who voted in the recent Bellevue City Council election.  It was a close race with a difference of less than .67% in spite of being outspent almost 3-1.  Whether you were one of the 14,434 who supported my candidacy for Council Position 4, or you were one of the 14,627 who voted for my opponent, your participation was vitally important in guiding the future direction of our city.

The fact that only 46 percent of registered voters actually voted in the race is disappointing for many reasons.  Even more amazing is that of the 33,000 who voted a ballot in Bellevue over 4,000 of them did not vote in our race. Local elections set the tone for government decisions which affect all residents directly and personally.  Local elections foster healthy debate over important local issues, helping voters to understand different aspects and nuances of issues that affect their homes, families, jobs and neighborhoods.

I feel good about the issues and concerns that we raised during my candidacy – particularly the need for open and ethical decision-making based on community interest and the common good.  I trust that my opponent will hear and respect the message carried by nearly 50 percent of the voters, and I wish him the utmost success in his role as a Bellevue City Council Member.  I can promise my continued involvement in support of the City and community, and I encourage other Bellevue residents to join me in getting involved as voters and participants in their local government.  Every person, every vote, and every good idea make a difference!

Have a safe and happy holiday season,


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Message from Steve

Dear Friends,

We are still fighting the good fight!  The final result of the election is still up in the air at this point.  But I want you to know that – win or lose – we have already succeeded in focusing public attention on important community issues.  After November has come and gone, our months of hard work will pay off in future years as the City Council recognizes the need for more responsible leadership.  Because of the issues we raised, I believe that elected officials will face the City’s challenges knowing that you expect fair and honest deliberations, transparent decision-making, and government that listens and responds to all people.

I believe that our campaign also succeeded in focusing attention on other community priorities:

  • The need for a high level of public safety –  adequate funding for essential fire and police protection along with the siting of a downtown fire station;
  • Collaboration to complete the East Link light rail project on schedule, within budget, and with adequate mitigation for neighborhood impacts;
  • Transportation improvements that meet actual community needs for safe and efficient travel throughout Bellevue;
  • Protection for our natural environment,  and support for parks and open spaces;
  • Neighborhood livability – refocusing attention on neighborhood needs and  supporting city services and partnerships that respond to those needs;
  • Creative solutions to human service needs, including affordable housing for the families of people who work in Bellevue;
  • Economic vitality – not only for downtown, but for our neighborhood businesses.

As a member of the Bellevue City Council, or as a private citizen, I will continue to support these objectives in the months and years ahead.  I invite you to join me in working to maintain a safe, beautiful and livable community with an  open and honest government that aims for the common good of the people of Bellevue.

I thank you for your confidence in me.  And I thank you for your commitment to our community.

Best wishes,


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Meet Steve Kasner, the right choice for Bellevue

Teacher, coach and dedicated community volunteer, Steve has devoted more than 20 years of his life to making Bellevue a better place to live and work. His many community contributions – including years of service on the Bellevue Parks & Community Services Board, the East Bellevue Community Council, the advisory committees that planned the South Bellevue Community Center and extensive capital improvements in West Lake Hills – have brought him close to the real people and the real issues in Bellevue. He cares and he listens. He is ready to bring fresh vision and ethical leadership to the Bellevue City Council. 

Community leaders choose Steve

Current and former Bellevue City Council members, board and commission members, Bellevue neighborhood leaders and hundreds of active residents are among the many who choose Steve to lead Bellevue into the future.

  • “Steve will provide a balanced vision of what the city of Bellevue needs to grow and accommodate new business and population growth, and provide necessary  services and infrastructure”  — Douglas Matthews, former Planning Commission Chair
  • “Steve will bring critically needed balance to the Council” – Jan Stout, Human Services Commissioner
  • “Steve has a demonstrated record of bringing diverse interests together for the enhancement of the neighborhoods” – Iris Tocher, former Bellevue City Council member
  • “Steve understands that public  trust in local government is based on transparent decision-making and ethical behavior by local elected officials” – Bruce Laing, former King County Councilmember
  • “He truly cares about the well-being of this city” – Tania Santiago
  •  More endorsements.

Why I’m running for Bellevue City Council

As a husband, dad, and passionate community advocate, I’m running for Bellevue City Council to bring back ethical, common sense leadership that represents the whole city.  I want to revive Bellevue’s long-standing tradition of thoughtful engagement and transparent decision-making.

People choose to raise their families in Bellevue because it is a safe, clean city with wonderful schools, parks and neighborhoods. It’s a city that cares about protecting the environment and the quality of life that we all enjoy. And it’s a city that prides itself on its economic vitality and its talented and diverse citizenry.

We can maintain Bellevue as a city that is both prosperous and livable. We can do things differently:

  • Put more resources into our neighborhoods.
  • Bring more voices into decision-making at City Hall.
  • Use tax dollars wisely.
  • Adopt stronger ethical standards for city leaders.
  • Appoint the most qualified people to boards and commissions.

I believe that our elected and appointed representatives must be accessible, open to all community viewpoints, and dedicated to decision-making that reflects the public interest.  I’m ready to bring this kind of leadership to the Bellevue City Council.  I ask for your vote.

Steve Kasner

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